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Promote Your Brand with Logo Printed Air Freshener

Custom car air fresheners are a clever and effective way to to promote your business, school, non-profit organization, church or cause and a great way to expand your brand.

Personalized Air Fresheners are quite possibly the most perfect form of advertising in today’s market.

Why not make a statement with a NippyCustom personalised air freshener? We create fantastic air fresheners at a wonderful price.
Upload your best - loved photo and select from a range of shapes and scents for a promotion gift that your recipient will never forget. Your specific photo (or images!) will be shown on either side of every one of our personalized air fresheners, which are all made to order. Simply select your preferred shape and scent, then wait for your new custom air freshener to arrive at your door!

We can custom any designs or shapes that our clients need.

Custom Photo Air Freshener for car

The options are unlimited, whether you want to manufacture photo air fresheners to please family and friends, promotional air fresheners to draw attention to your company, institution, or nonprofit, or develop your own brand of outrageously amusing air fresheners to sell.

So come on! Start now and we’ll make it happen.

A Little Piece, Keep it Sweet

You've done the closet cleaning, had your clothes washed, and had your shoeboxs cleaned—but if your closet, clothes, shoebox and express box still smells less than fresh, there's one last thing to do before pronouncing it clean: you’ve got to need some air fresheners.

If you work in an office or live in the house that smells good, your mood may improve, along with your productivity. 

Our air fresheners have long lasting fragrance which can last for several weeks. I promise that the charming scent of our air fresheners is the taste you want. 

Just stop the stink. Custom now!