Collection: Phone Wallet

What Is A Custom Phone Wallet?

*Be smart and keep your important cards close to you without the bulk of a bag or old school wallet.
*This silicone wallet attaches to your cell phone with adhesive glue which holds cards securely.
*Perfect for travel beach days or a night out.
*Simple & Functional -these phone wallet case holders are simple, designed to hold cards or cash.
*Make a Splash - these colorful phone wallets are a perfect giveaway, a vendor fair, or promotional item.


Why Personalized Phone Card Holder For Company Giveaways?

Custom Silicone Phone Wallets are custom promotional items a contemporary audience will appreciate. A great way to simplify you load, these silicone phone wallets feature a strong adhesive lining that can be attached to your phone or protective cover. Made to fit standard sized credit cards, they can also fit card room keys and cash. The adhesive backing on these phone wallets allow it to stick to any size phone, making it a universal product (will not stick to silicone or glass back phones). Imprint your company name or logo on the front to promote banks, colleges, travel agencies and more.


Create Your Own Promotional Phone Wallet Case

Our Custom phone cases and wallet will instantly catch the eye of crowd. Smart and functional accessories, everyone will want to get their hands on one of them. Shop our wholesale phone cases customized with your company name or logo to keep yourself top-of-mind potential clients and customers.

With ample and visible imprint areas to customize with text or graphics, our personalized phone cases enhance your ability to connect with a wider audience and establish your community presence. Consider shopping these cheap phone cases for upcoming tech conferences, trade shows and other gatherings of the like.