Collection: Business Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs for Bar Decor

If you operate a pub, club, restaurant, or bar, you know how important it is to have truly unique decor and accents for customers to enjoy. The stylish neon of NippyCustom will not only  interest everyone who walks by, but also highlight your bar. With efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs and virtually unbreakable plastic tubing, you have the perfect safe alternative to traditional neon lights. These premade designs are much more affordable, too.

Inspirational Neon Vibes for Office Wall

Do you find it difficult to swiftly sell your business to prospective customers? In addition to showcasing the company's qualities, a stunning neon sign placed prominently can leave a lasting impression on potential clients.
Furthermore, you also can hang a great neon sign in the staff lounge area to foster a sense of community among your staff.

LED Neon Signs for Gym, Beauty, Nail & Hair Salons

How do neon signs help you in your business? Here are some reasons why you need to get your salon a colorful neon sign:

Highly visible neon signs can help your salon or gym be known to the rest of your neighborhood. Our large selection of salon neon signs will tell your potential customers where you are and what services you offer most memorably. Your presence will be felt, and that might increase the number of your customers showing up in the future.

Cost-effective neon signs can give you your money’s worth without much hassle. Our neon signs will last long, even when you only do subtle maintenance with them. You can also let it stay turned on for days, and it will still function effectively. In time, you’ll get your money’s worth even before you know it.

LED Neon signs for Coffee & Restaurant

 The owners or managers of properties need to think about affordability and efficiency when deciding what type of lights and decoration to choose. When you explore the options for coffee, Boba tea, or book modern neon lights, the choice becomes easy. Our unique custom signage ways much less than traditional glass, will not break and create a dangerous hazard in your café or club, and operates with much more efficiency than signs with potentially hazardous gas running through the tubes.


LED Open Sign for Store front, shop window

 Light up neon signs are usually used as brand signs to attract people's attention. A striking logo signs can make a deep impression and spread widely in social circles.
In the past, glass neon lights dominated the market as the best and only option as signature. Fast to today, we have the improved version of neon lights which are the Flex LED Neon Lights. LED Neon have more advantages than the older neon glass light.

Custom LED Business Sign with Your Aesthetic Design

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