Choose Top-notch Neon Signs & Spice up Your Decor

  • All neon signs are handcrafted elaborately by NippyCustom.


    All neon signs are handcrafted elaborately by NippyCustom.

  • We know the things we build won’t last forever but we work and create as though they will.NippyCustom


    We know the things we build won’t last forever but we work and create as though they will.

  • All we create is a reflection of NippyCustom, we pour our heart and soul into everything we build.NippyCustom


    All we create is a reflection of NippyCustom, we pour our heart and soul into everything we build.

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    Have your own artwork or logo? Upload it here! Or just tell us what you’re looking for.

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    Check out our huge selection of neon and LED signs. Over 1000+ hot sale designs is waiting for you.

  • Spice up Your Wedding Decor

    Balloon? Silk ribbon? Do you ever think the ambiance of wedding scenes is too ordinary? How about an unique personalized neon sign to adorn the wedding scene on your special day? Modern neon signs will definitely amaze your guests and make them impressed on your wedding. And of course , the fancy neon art wall is the best place where your guests can take photos with you! Soft bright lighting light sign offers a romantic ambiance to make you feel loved and sweet.

  • Grow Your Business with Led Sign

    Neon signs are becoming more and more popular, and many successful business owners are using them to bring more attention and customers to their stores. Neon signs not only add coolness to your shop but also serve as a great marketing tool. Social media users love posing in front of neon signs and posting their selfies on Instagram and Facebook. They take care of all the work for you, and the best part is that you get free advertising. Don't hesitate. Get your neon sign made today and boost your business.

  • Inspire Your Home With Neon Light

    A neon sign is a perfect decoration for any part of your home. Personalize your sign, with your favorite motto, brand, nickname, or just something funny. You'll fell a positive vibe every time you turn it on. A neon sign is a great way to bring your home wall decor to the next level. It will give you a unique look that will make your family members and friends go crazy. Shop Room Neon Sign today - for a brighter future tomorrow.

  • Complete Game Room Atmosphere

    If you’re fed up with your boring bedroom, NippyCustom Game Room Acrylic Neon Sign is the answer! It can instantly light-up your plain bedroom with just one click on the remote! Decor Your Game Room, Best Gaming Wall Art, Complete your gaming atmosphere with our handmade and unique neon sign! Perfect gift for any true gamer! Get your game on with a gaming-themed LED neon sign.

  • Dial up the cheer with Neon light!

    This holiday season dial up the cheer with this brilliant Happy Holidays LED Neon light ! Ready to get into the holiday spirit? Enjoy our seasonal collection of holiday neon signs. Make your season bright with our unique holiday light signs! Explore our range of Christmas neon signs and light up your holiday celebration and festive season atmosphere.

  • Custom Neon Sign for Bedroom, Living Room, Home Decoration

    Night and neon signs are always the best fit.  As a room based on night activities, of course, is necessary to add a neon light.  Aside from creating a dreamy look to the space, a neon sign as a little night light is also a great option. Neon lights are colorful and variable, making them ideal for enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms. Neon lights with unique fashion characteristics, in our opinion, will provide more decorating possibilities for homes.

  • Design led neon signs for wall decor

    LED letter neon signs are the ideal eye-catching addition to your party or home table or wall. Browse a bright sign to find an eye-catching word from NippyCustom, inspiring quote for your own wall. Our most popular phrases "Til death," "It was all a dream," or "good vibes only" are perfect for decorate your bedroom or lounge. I bet these Neon Signs would make your room look 10x more aesthetic due to the emission of less bright yet colorful lights.

  • Create Your Own Sign At NippyCustom

    There is no task that is impossible for us to do. Whether you need neon signs for decoration or professional use, we have you covered. If you have a complex design, please email us at, and we will send you an offer. Boost your business with a cool neon sign that will attract customers to your shop-or just make your friends jealous when they visit your home. Let all your neon dreams come true with amazing neon signs at NippyCustom.

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